Custom Chameleon Air Pro Protection

Breathable, Comfortable, Reusable & COPPER INFUSED for Reduced Bacteria Growth

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Reusable protection you will actually wear!

Breathable, comfortable & 
copper-infused for reduced bacteria growth.

These masks are awesome. Easy to speak in and stay on at work, even when speaking to patrons. Very impressive.

Laura Lambert

Bought 5 of the masks and their great. Super comfortable and easy to breathe in. Everyone should get one of these masks.

Tracy Richards

Breathable and two areas of securing, works well!

Nathan Veld

Comfortable and there is way less condensation on my glasses.

David McNiece @username

Find the Right Protection for You

Not sure which mask is right for you?  Use this handy guide.

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Professional Protection

For carpenters, construction workers, renovations, DIY, etc.

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Home Renovation & DIY Projects

Air Pro Sport can be used for home renovations, construction and sports

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Everyday Protection

For everyday, back to school, and other daily activities.

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Air Pro Tour

The most breathable, comfortable protection. Outside mesh is 100% copper infused, cotton pocket can accommodate our 3 layer high flow Polypropylene, non-woven filters.

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